Monday, March 22, 2010


i am a single atom particle, you, a death's lock in moonlit skies. shed your skin every few years, become a new being, a new face, a new marker on the spinning orbs. i crawl up an ascending note, claw to the top of peak with no plateau. we look down from the cliff, spin in place, sharing what we now know against what we knew then. shine, what you do best. you shine, and i'll reflect. and somehow we reach the top. just like that. gold and diamonds. you with your glass-blown chalice, me, a rainbow fashioned satchel skull. random assortments of this and that. the plateau is littered with everything. burned away at one point, you say, burned away and restarted fresh, like cosmic fires. the ashes form letters, the letters, in turn, form words. quite the site, i say. darling. showman. carapace. orion. atrium. just a random assortment.

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