Wednesday, March 25, 2009


cosmically, almost on a whim, we split through the crowd just behind "mccullough's" but still in front of the beach. it was wonderful. inviting and beautiful. "i want to live this forever," she said, the one roller skate squeaking under her good leg.
it was the feeling of joy. it was the feeling of relief.
of being able to sing. of being able to laugh.
of that rush at the end of a tunnel.
of that singular tear sledding down the space between your nose and your cheek.
of a never-ending roller-coaster, the clicks of the tracks the only reference in time.
of that next breath. and of that last one, too.
"i want to live this forever," i said. and the sun rushed up as if it needed to keep pace with the crashing waves. i readjusted my eye patch and took her fingers in my hand. but i hadn't realized it.